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Love Edu Camp

The history of Love EDU Camp

EDU Education Camp was founded by Dr. CHAN, CHIH-YU, an honorable professor who cares serious about the learning opportunities of children live in the countryside; in the meanwhile, he’s also a respectable senior in the department of education. As for the instructor of the camp now, Dr. LIN, HSIEN-TA is the members’ strongest backup. Since the first session we accomplished in 2001, it has been 25 years for hundreds of caring and diligent students to participate on this project. And the main purpose of this camp, for one thing, is to make students in education department learn teaching experience from the camp; and for another, to contribute and to give feedback to this society. Since 2000, the 21st Education Camp upheld traditional spirit and innovative faith that to establish a camp that focus on elementary school pupils. Therefore, we gave this camp a new name- EDU Love Camp. Dr. Robin Chen is the instructor of EDU Love Camp right now.

*Purpose of EDU Love Camp
We have served many schools around the country since established.
1. Service
To provide local pupils a happy winter vacation, and initiate their learning motivation and interest by different kinds of activities and courses; and connect schools with community activities to realize community’s local specialties, to strengthen the exchanging of concept and knowledge.
2. Teaching
Motivate more active and diverse teaching tactics by contacting with students, and to realize local situation and the teaching characteristic; and to view ourselveslearning progresses and teaching principle.

3. Emotion

To experience life of group living, give support to juniors in the department and to contact with others. Moreover, to interact with principal, director, teachers and students in partner schools. This is an image

(1) The main purpose is to trigger students’ learning interest and to widen children’s learning experiences. Let them experience different kinds of learning content and ways which differs from daily in-school learning ways by Edutainment

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distinguishing feature

1. About courses and activities

(2)  Design the courses by coordinating with school and community environment, combine children’ existing knowledge with old experiences and add some cultural differences to make students have brand-new practice and learn new content.

2. About community life
Let our students to learn living and division of work in a group and try to share feeling with each other. To cohesion our students and children’s affection.
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3. About studentss growth
(1) let students of education department to contract with elementary pupil and to realize elementary students
’ mental and real situation to prove the theory of education that we have learned in our daily lives. Learn how to control students situation in classes and to grow up with kids.

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(2) Our students have gone through series of learning lessons. They combine what theyve learned , some inspiration and the trends of education right now- 12-year basic education system, multiple Intelligences and thematic curriculum Integration etc. to write some creative and interesting teaching plan. Besides, well invite our seniors and instructors to guide us.
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4. About structure and number of people
Our number of people are much more than normal servicing club, and we divide our camp into three groups so that each group can has more diverse teaching plan. In addition, every students directly lead 2-3 pupils to look after them.
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